Romantic London Wedding

"The inspiration behind this shoot was to bring together venders that believe in the same mantra. That couples should be able to do their wedding their way! There are a few alternative ideas in the shoot to inspire couples to have what they want at their wedding. For instance we had a very quirky single tier cake, I think that a lot of couples think that they should be expected to have a big three tiered cake. Why? It hardly gets eaten!! You don’t have to go crazy. We used calligraphy on foliage for name places, stationery can get pricey and can also risk looking samey. This is such a cool way of having place names! Go rummaging in your garden!! Trainers on the groom instead of shoes. Because why should everyone have to follow traditions? The wedding day should represent the couples’ style and personality."

-Lauren Henson, the shoot organiser


This shoot features the Tanita dress and was published on Unique Rebels Union
Photography: Lauren Henson Photos   |   Makeup: Panda Makeup   |   Florist: Green & Envy   |   Cake: Claire Owen Cakes   |   Stationery: Grey And Copper   |  Ribbon and linens: Mia Sylvia   |  Model: @izzyfances.w   |   Venue: Tanner Warehouse