Indiebride London in a nutshell

Indiebride London is laid-back luxury without excess wedding fuss. We create heirloom-quality wedding dresses for environmentally conscious brides who,

instead of transforming into someone they don't regognise, want to look like the bridal version of themselves

and feel comfortable and confident, ready to embrace the excitement and magic on their wedding day.

The bohemian and vintage-inspired Indiebride dresses have a beautiful story and are ethically handmade in London using sustainable materials. 

What we can do for you

- We cater for and appeal to the ever growing base of environmentally conscious brides -

- From the finest fabrics to the finishing touches of our wedding dresses, our quality is exceptional -

- We offer alterations service -

- Our dresses are cut to fit different body types -

- We offer rushed order service -


Handmade in London using sustainable materials


Our dresses are designed with the comfort of our brides in mind


Luxurious romantic and bohemian wedding dresses

Our ethos

Handmade dresses

All Indiebride London dresses are handcrafted in our London studio from the first cut to the last finishings.

Sustainable materials

We prefer natural fibers like bamboo, silk and ramie and other sustainable fibers like tencel. Most of our laces and some of the silks are made in the UK.

Waste minimisation

We don't throw anything away. The off-cuts that we can't use ourselves are either donated to be used in different projects or collected by a professional facility who will then repurpose them as new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay.

Comfortable design

At the forefront of our design ethos is making brides feel comfortable and confident. We aim to free brides’ minds from being self-conscious about what they’re wearing on their wedding day.

Our story

Miina Laitsaari, the director of Indiebride London, joined Indiebride London as an intern in the Autumn of 2010. She became a dressmaker and then studio manager and in 2019 was presented the opportunity to take over the whole business. It goes without saying, it didn’t take much persuasion for Miina to make one of the most epic decisions of her entire life and take over the business she loved so dearly.

Miina is passionate about creating romantic, bohemian and vintage-inspired gowns in a sustainable and ethical fashion for cool and free-spirited brides who wish to be free of the traditional bridal style on their wedding day and are seeking a wedding dress with its own story.

We'd love to hear from you!

Please email Miina at for more information, line sheets, and terms and conditions. 

We look forward to hearing from you!