Indiebride London takes pride in being a sustainable bridal wear brand. It is important for us to not just create beautiful bohemian wedding dresses but also to take our nature’s wellbeing in consideration. The most important dress of your life can be made respecting the environment and people on it. At Indiebride London, you will know who made your wedding dress and where the materials came from. 

You can read more about our sustainable way of production below. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve the sustainability in our business, please get in touch at, we would love to hear your thoughts.


Made to order


All our dresses are made to order. This means we don’t hold any dresses in stock. When an order is placed, we will make the dress from scratch. This means we only make a dress when someone wants to wear it on their wedding day. This ensures that every dress we make has a personal connection.


Handcrafted dresses and accessories


When you choose Indiebride London, you work closely with the person who makes your dress. Instead of producing the dresses in a factory somewhere else, we make all our dresses ourselves from the first cut to the last finishings. Each dress and piece of accessory is handcrafted and handembellished in our London studio using the highest quality laces and silks. We also make the alterations ourselves if any is needed. Our dresses and accessories have a story behind them and we value the handmade nature and quality of our products.


handmade wedding dress


handmade wedding dress



As we make the dresses at our London studio, we are always able to alter the dress style if the customer wishes so. Changing the dress style makes it truly yours and gives the dress an individual touch.


Waste minimisation

In dress production, there is always fabric that is cut off and usually thrown in a bin as it’s useless. We keep the off-cuts and use them to make and embellish our sashes, veils and headpieces. We donate all the off-cuts we cannot use to students or organisations to be used in their own projects.

head dress




We prefer to use natural materials; mainly cotton, silk and ramie. Most of our laces and silks are made in the UK. We are constantly looking for new sustainable fabrics and laces to create new beautiful, eco-friendly wedding dresses.


wedding dresses


Personal service


At Indiebride London, we value personal customer service. It is important for both parties to have only one person of contact who understands every aspect of the production. As an Indiebride London customer, you will be working with the same person throughout the whole process, from the initial trial appointment to the day you get to take your dress home.

Indiebride London is a small business and every bride is special to us.


bridal appointment