Sustainability at Indiebride London


We take pride in being a sustainable and ethical bridal wear brand


To us, sustainability is a way of life, and it's important for us to not just create beautiful bohemian wedding gowns but also to take nature's wellbeing into consideration. The most important dress of your life can be made by respecting the environment and the people in it. At Indiebride London, you will know who made your wedding gown, where the fabrics and laces were made, and even where the material for making those laces and fabrics came from, as we seek to be as transparent as possible in the way we conduct our business.

 Handcrafted gowns

Each Indiebride London gown is handcrafted in our London studio from the first cut to the last finishings and alterations. We take pride in the quality of our gowns and love that they all have a story behind them. If you wish to change the style of the gown you’ve choses, we’re happy to do so and love creating unique gowns for our brides.

Made to order

All Indiebride gowns are made to order, which means that we don’t hold any gowns in stock. We only make a gown when a bride has chosen to wear it on her wedding day, which ensures that every gown we make has a personal connection to the bride wearing it.

Sustainable materials

We are passionate about the materials we use and spend an immense amount of time sourcing the best quality sustainable materials. We prefer natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, silk and ramie. On the product page of each gown, you can see detailed material information, from the origin of the fiber to where the material was made.

More About Our Materials

Waste minimisation

The global fashion industry produces a huge amount of fabric waste each year and usually, this waste ends up in landfills. We don't throw anything away. We use the off-cuts to make and embellish our Esther sashes. The off-cuts that we can't use ourselves are donated to students and organisations to be used in their own projects or collected by a professional facility, which will then repurpose them as new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler, and carpet underlay.

Personal service

At Indiebride London, we value personal customer service. As an Indiebride London bride, you will be working with the same person, Miina, throughout the whole process, from the initial trial appointment to the day you get to take your gown home. Miina also makes most of the gowns herself. Read more about your journey with us through the link below.

Your Wedding Dress Journey