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When I began looking at different wedding dresses online, Indiebride was one of the first places I came across and I had my heart set on getting my dress from there straight away. The dresses are all absolutely stunning with a beautiful boho, vintage feel and I knew they were all handmade and ethically produced. When I went to try on some of the dresses I was blown away by the studio and I had an amazing time, I honestly could have happily worn at least three of the dresses. Miina was very helpful and make the whole process seamless. I would 100% recommend getting a dress from Indiebride.

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Indiebride is incredible! My partner and I decided to get married fairly quickly after getting engaged, meaning we didn't have much longer than 4 months to organise things. I was also quite set on ensuring my wedding dress would be made sustainably, so was fairly narrowed down to where I could buy my dress from.

I found Indiebride during my search - Miina kindly said she would be able to create my dress in time for the wedding. The studio is a cute, boho space near Brixton, in the attic space of what looks like a church. When visiting, I felt no pressure to make a decision and Miina was very patient while I picked out some styles I liked - being notoriously bad at making decisions, this was a lengthy process. I ended up choosing the second dress I tried on (Tanita), and Miina swiftly got to work. Over the next few months, she was quick to respond, kept me up to date with progress, and let me come in to try on the dress a couple of times to see how it fit with my other accessories. The finished dress was stunning, made of beautiful soft silk with an elegant train. I went with a standard size of 10 (which is what I would usually wear in regular clothes) and it fit like a glove. Miina considered the small details such as hooks which I could attach to my finger or a concealed button throughout the day. While wearing the dress I felt totally comfortable (including through dinner), and didn't stop dancing for a moment throughout the evening. Most of the comments I received were on how the dress looked exactly like "me", and that's exactly how it felt - with an extra level of magic.

It was a pleasure to work with you Miina, and I would recommend anyone looking for a more eco-conscious, unique wedding dress to try Indiebride!

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I knew I wanted a simple, elegant dress which would be comfortable for the whole wedding and I found it in five minutes. Miina was so helpful throughout the whole process and I don't think it could have made the process of finding a dress easier. All the designs are stunning and the quality of my dress is excellent. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and I felt beautiful in the dress (I chose the Minna design).

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Thank you Miina and Indiebride London! I LOVED my beautiful, elegant, stylish and, above all, comfortable dress! Thank you :-) The whole experience of buying the dress from booking the first appointment, to going for fittings and getting the final dress was seamless. Miina was professional and helpful and I absolutely love that you can take photos of dresses when trying them on - I think it is so important to be able to make the right decision. Indiebride London was the second salon I went to and I knew I loved the place as soon as we went in - comfortable, private, relaxed atmosphere - exactly what a nervous bride-to-be needs. I tried on 6 dresses and loved every single one of them (that never happens!). In the end I went for the Gaia dress and I was so happy with my choice. I would highly, highly recommend Indiebride London.

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Great experience buying my wedding dress at Indiebride London. In fact I bought my dress without ever trying it on or doing a single fitting, before they sent it. I found my dress whilst googling for my perfect outfit for the big day, and realised I couldn't find any other dress that fit my idea and expectation like “The Gabriele Dress” did! So, being in Norway, and not having the opportunity to visit Indiebride in London at the time, I contacted Minna and Miina and asked if there were any chance we could fit this one without trying it on before sending it. Miina was the sweetest ever, and made me very calm and certain that this would go smoothly and that the dress would fit me and fulfil my expectations in the end! And like promised, the dress arrived, it was perfect, the fabric was even more delicate and lovely then I expected, the dress was perfect on me and I am so happy with the whole process.  Indiebride have the most beautiful dresses, they care about your wishes and they make you feel special! Thank you Miina, for being so lovely and helpful!

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Indiebride is a gorgeous bridal shop with a collection of unique and interesting dresses, tops and skirts. The shop itself is beautiful; it has a romantic, cosy feel, so that trying on dresses is a really lovely experience. You are always the only customer and Miina’s manner is relaxed and calm. It doesn’t feel at all “sales-y”, pressurised or rushed which some other wedding dress boutiques can do! I loved my choices of top and skirt but wanted a few tweaks which Miina can do because she makes all the dresses herself. On the day I felt brilliant and loved my outfit so much. I got so many compliments and people said they’d never seen a wedding dress that so perfectly suited the bride. I just wish I could wear it again! Thank you so much Miina xxx

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This is such a fantastic place. Miina is lovely and made trying on dresses a really nice experience. I was thrilled with my dress. Very very highly recommended!

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This is an incredible bridal shop. I wanted to go for a more relaxed boho look and as I'm petite, I was really keen not to get lost in a big meringue-like dress. The dresses at Indiebride were just perfect. So beautiful and sustainable too! My first visit was totally dreamy. The shop is full of creativity; tucked away in the attic of a church. Miina was so relaxed and incredibly helpful. She totally understood the look I was going for and the whole experience was chilled out but magical. Miina is incredibly accommodating and added in all the extra details that I asked for. I would highly recommend this place for any bride-to-be.

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It was very important to me that my wedding and my dress were as sustainable and ethical as possible. I also knew that I definitely didn't want a "typical" wedding dress. We were having a fairly small and casual wedding, so I really wanted my dress to reflect that.

So along came Indiebride and once I went there with my mum and my sister, I knew that we didn't need to go anywhere else! In fact, Miina was even encouraging us to go away and think about it, but when I put on "the one" we all knew it!

We got our photos back last week and they are just stunning. Miina was so helpful and lovely, and we all felt really at ease. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for something that little bit more vintage/alternative.

Photography: Liz Isles Photography