Standard size and style dress

- Our dresses come in standard bridal sizes 8-20.

- We will take the client’s measurements and compare them with our size chart to see which standard size would be the best for her.

- We will make the dress in the best standard size.

- If the standard size dress needs altering to fit perfectly, the client can choose to have the alterations done by us or then someone else. We charge extra for the alterations and the cost depends on the complexity of the dress structure and the type of alteration.


Examples of the most common fit alterations and the approximate prices:

- Shortening a dress or a sleeve: £50

- Shortening a dress that has scalloped edged hem: £180

- Taking a dress bodice in £180-280 (depends on the structure of the dress)

- Taking a skirt in £50-£180 (depends on the structure of the dress)


Customised dress style 

As we make the dresses in our own studio in London we are able to accommodate changes to our dress styles. Depending on the style you can for example; add sleeves, change the shape of the neckline, add or reduce the length of the dress or the sleeves, just to mention few of the most common alterations we do.

Prices for the most common alterations:

- Making the dress or sleeves shorter: £50

- Adding a sleeve: £180

- Changing the neckline shape: £180


Made to measure dress 

- With an additional £450 you can have your dress made according to your measurements (made to measure option is available only when the client is able to come to fittings).

- The client will be measured and the patterns made according to her measurements.

- The dress will be made ready for fitting, which means it won't be finished for the first fitting.

- During the fittings, we will see how the dress fits with the client’s wedding underwear and shoes and alter it if needed. Made to measure dress usually requires 2-3 fittings. 

- Collection / shipping date will be scheduled during the final fitting.


Bespoke dress

You can combine two or more of our existing styles or design your own dress with our help. Bespoke dress prices start from £2000 and they are tailored to your body.