Repurpose Your Wedding Dress service


What is it?

Repurpose Your Wedding Dress is a post-wedding dress alteration service. This service allows you to transform your wedding dress into an outfit you can wear over and over again after it has served its original purpose on your wedding day. Whether it is to add/remove the sleeves, make the dress shorter, or split it into a top and skirt, we can make it happen.

Who is it for?

The Repurpose Your Wedding Dress service is for you if you love your wedding dress too much to sell it or pack it up in storage and want to make a sustainable choice to lengthen the life of your dress. This service is for Indie Brides only.


How does it work?

  1. Book Repurpose Your Wedding Dress appointment and answer the questions in the booking form
  2. Visit the showroom for consultation
  3. Have the altered dress delivered to you or collect it from the showroom

Not able to visit the showroom? No worries; email us at and we can work together remotely. 

Examples of alteration pricing:

Shortening the hem: £150-200

Splitting your dress into a top and skirt: £250-350

Removing sleeves: £150

We are very excited to hear your ideas on how you would like to revive your wedding dress and work together again!