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Destination wedding in Croatia




Katie and I had such a lovely time working together. I think she welled up every time she tried on her dress, and that made me well up. So together, we shed tears of joy in amazement of the dress and how gorgoues she would look wearing it when marrying her fiance in a Catholic church in Croatia. I was so incredibly excited for her and loved seeing her wedding pictures.

Congratulations Katie and Daniel!

- Miina -


What made Indiebride London stand out from the other bridal brands you were considering, and why did you ultimately choose us? 

 Indiebride London's strong focus on sustainability set them apart from other wedding vendors. Their commitment to eco-conscious practices, such as using ethically sourced materials, aligned perfectly with my values and allowed me to make a conscious and eco-conscious decision for my wedding.
From the moment I stepped into the showroom and met Miina, I knew that I had found the right place to get my dream wedding dress. Miina's genuine warmth, impeccable taste, and deep understanding of my vision made the decision easy. I felt an instant connection and knew she would bring my vision to life with expertise and care.

If you had to describe your experience with Indiebride London in one sentence, how would you? 

 My experience with Indiebride London was nothing short of outstanding. From the very first fitting to the final touches, Miina's passion for her craft and her warm demeanor made every step of the journey a joyous and memorable one. 


What was the biggest worry about your wedding that Indiebride London helped alleviate? 

 One of my biggest worries was how to maintain the elegance and modesty required for a Catholic Church ceremony while still incorporating the open-back design I loved in my dress. Miina went above and beyond to create a stunning and tasteful solution, ensuring that the back of my dress was both respectful and beautiful, allowing me to feel confident and comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Tell us about a moment you especially enjoyed while working with Indiebride London. 

 One particular moment that stands out in my memory is when I visited the Indiebride London showroom and workshop space. It was an enchanting environment filled with creativity and inspiration. Being able to witness firsthand the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each dress was truly captivating. Miina's infectious enthusiasm and the tranquil atmosphere made the experience truly delightful. 

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What did you have as entertainment and food at your wedding? 

 Our wedding featured an exquisite culinary experience with a focus on local Croatian cuisine. The four-course dinner included a standout pasta course with a delectable beef ragu that left everyone in awe. We also had a talented local Croatian accordion player who serenaded us after the church ceremony, setting a joyful and festive tone. Later, a saxophone player graced us with soulful melodies, and one of our close friends took over as the DJ, spinning tunes that kept the dancefloor buzzing all night long.


Was there anything that went wrong on your wedding day, and how did you deal with it? 

 Although we faced a small hiccup on our wedding day, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Due to being out on location with our videographer, we ran a bit behind schedule and didn't have time for speeches before dinner as planned. However, we improvised and decided to have dinner first. To everyone's delight, desserts were served on the dancefloor, and we did the speeches there around 10 pm. It turned out to be a unique and memorable moment that added an unexpected touch of joy and spontaneity to the evening.

Apart from saying yes to your now husband, what was your favorite moment on your wedding day? 

 While saying yes to my husband was undoubtedly a cherished moment, one of my absolute favorite parts of the day was the speeches. Our dear friends from Tanzania delivered a heartfelt and touching speech that moved everyone's hearts, and my husband's speech was a truly epic and unforgettable moment that had everyone laughing and crying tears of joy. It was a testament to the love and connection we share and a memory I will treasure forever. 

- Katie -