Sample sale


Every now and again, a gown is removed from our main collection and put into sample sale. You can now purchase these sample gowns at a lower cost.  
The sizes vary from 8 to 12 and the prices depend on the condition and the materials the gown is made from. You can check your bridal size here. Like all our gowns, these samples are handmade in London. Accessories in the pictures are not included in the sale.  

All of these gowns can be altered to fit you and even the style can be slightly modified. They can be made a size or two smaller but bigger by only a few centimetres and some of them can't be made bigger due to the delicate materials. Alterations will be billed separately and you can have a look at our alterations service here

This is just a selection of our sample sale gowns and we have many more at our showroom. To come and try them on, book you private appointment here. If you are interested in purchasing a sample gown or have any enquiries about them, please get in touch via email at We'll let you know more about the style, materials, sizing etc.