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What to look for in your dream wedding dress


What to look for in your dream wedding dress

When you begin your search for your dream bridal dress there are some things to remember as you enter your fittings.


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Comfort is key

The ceremony might not be long but remember the ceremony and the reception could be hours of celebration! You are going to want to be comfortable. When trying on dresses at your fitting, think about how well you can move and your comfortability level. 

It’s important to like how you look when wearing your wedding dress but also consider how you feel in it. It’s important to be comfortable. We always say that you want a dress that is so comfortable that you forget that you’re wearing a wedding dress. You don’t want to worry about your straps falling off or yanking down your dress because it’s so tight that it climbs up when you walk. This could ruin your day. Choosing a dress that makes you feel comfortable is as important as choosing a dress that makes you feel beautiful. A comfortable dress makes you feel confident.



bohemina lace wedding dress big flower headdress

It fits in all the right places

Don’t buy a dress that is too small for you. You don’t need that extra stress of having to lose some weight to fit in your dress. Choose a dress that fits you and that makes you look the best version of you in your current shape. Often brides lose a bit of weight without even trying when planning their wedding. If this happens, your dress can always be made smaller with alterations. 


It represents you

Along with fitting correctly and is comfortable, make sure your dress represents you! There are so many styles out there so narrow it down and pick the tone that has the silhouette and details that represent your personality! Your entourage of close friends and family can help you if they know your style. This dress is meant to be an extension of you - the sure way to feel confident and rock your wedding look!


Set a budget beforehand

Before having a fitting for dresses, or even looking online, set a budget! The last thing you want is to fall in love with a dress you can’t afford. Bring this firm budget to your fitting so you are only shown dresses that will suit you. Finding a dress under budget is always a bonus but prepare for extra costs for alterations within your budget. 


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Blog post by Caitlyn Raymond