What To Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

What To Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

Photographed by Sam Bennett


You had an amazing wedding. A beautiful ceremony, energetic reception, the perfect dress… but now what? What do you do with the dress of your dreams now that the day has come to an end? Here are a few ideas:


Photographed by Sam Bennett


Save it for your daughter


Every mother dreams about the day her daughter gets married, some even dream about her daughter wearing the dress she once did. Such a pure and wholesome image that is still fairly common! Maybe your dress will be your daughter's dream.



Photographed by Katie Rogers


Frame it


You’ve heard of shadow boxes for bouquets and trinkets but why not your wedding dress? Shadow boxes can create a beautiful frame and allow your dress to be perfectly on display. 


Make it into...

A cushion

A clutch purse

A teddy bear

All of these ideas can be handmade by a small business on etsy. If you’re looking to support a small business and want an upcycled use for your dress or its scraps, think about these options! They’re perfect for remembering the dress of your dreams and a happy memory through an everyday item. 



Photographed by Joe Morely


Donate to Charity


Donations are always an amazing option. There are lots of beautiful charities that collect dresses to provide to brides who may not be able to afford one brand new. A charity close to our heart is Brides Do Good. They carry a variety of new and preloved dresses. You can donate yours here

Dresses for Angels is another organization that does amazing work to provide love and comfort to parents. Dresses for Angels transforms donated wedding and prom dresses into gowns for babies that are born sleeping. Donate your dress here!