Choosing Your Entourage

Choosing Your Entourage

Photographed by Caitlyn Raymond


The time to dress shop has finally come! You’ve prepared your measurements and inspiration but who do you bring with you? 


Bring who you want


This can be an intimidating question for some brides! But the first step to overcoming that is to remember that you are not obligated to bring anyone specific! Typically brides want to share the experience with their mother and sisters, a few close friends, and possibly their future mother-in-law. This is your time and your experience. If you want to go alone to have a peaceful fitting, that is perfectly okay! If you want to bring your mother and maid of honor, also perfectly okay! Your father? Sure! Fiance? Of course! The important thing to understand is you don’t have to bring 15 people because you feel obligated to. We also don’t recommend bringing that many to an appointment, anyway.


Photographed by Caitlyn Raymond


Think about who knows you best


Who knows your style and personality? Choose people who are close to you that have your best interest at heart and who will be a positive voice. We’ve all seen the shows on TV where the bride’s entourage hates every dress the bride tries on. To avoid this negative experience make sure you pick wisely who should attend your appointment with you; just a few people close to you. 

Tip: Designate one person in the bride tribe to take pictures of you in the dresses you try on as well as price tags (if available).

Sometimes, a large group means too many opinions and the bride gets overwhelmed and stressed out even if the intentions of the entourage are pure. Remember, it’s your day and you don’t have to please anyone by choosing a dress that your entourage loves but you’re not too sure about. Choose the dress you like, even if it’s not the favourite of your friends and family.



Photographed by Caitlyn Raymond


Check the shop's policy


Because of COVID restrictions, many places have a recommended number on how many people you can bring to your appointment. At Indiebride, we don’t have a limit but we believe the perfect entourage is anywhere from 1-4 plus you, the bride!

Again, don’t forget that this experience is all about you! Make these fun and exciting memories with those you trust and are close to. 






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