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The Prairie Song: Unveiling our new modern bohemian wedding dress collection

The Prairie Song: Unveiling our new modern bohemian wedding dress collection 


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Our new, modern bohemian wedding dress collection, crafted with love, is about to make its debut, and you’re in for a treat! Inspired by the vast expanse of the prairies of the Wild West, where untamed landscapes and dusty trails meet the spirit of adventure, The Prairie Song collection, adorned with the free-spirited bohemian style that is the essence of Indiebride London, promises to take brides to a world where romance and wanderlust intertwine. Join me as I unravel the story behind our most sustainable wedding dress collection to date and the magic it brings to you on your wedding day.

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The perfect union of Wild Western charm and bohemian spirit

I work a lot, and in my spare time, I love to sink into the sofa with my partner and immerse myself in a good series that takes me to another world. One of the series we fell in love with last year was Yellowstone. I loved the diligent and relentless cowboy culture, the vast, breathtaking scenery, the horses (I used to ride horses and love being around them), and the feeling of wanderlust it brought me (I was ready to move to Montana!). Yellowstone then took us on a wild journey via its two spin-off series, 1883 and 1923, which I loved even more! I was captivated by the language, the tragic yet promissory history, and especially the costumes and all the details in them: frills, flounces, gatherings, trims, and buttons. I got a bit obsessed and even got myself a bolo tie and cowboy boots! So, I decided to take this love of mine and transfer it into our new bridal wear collection, The Prairie Song.

I wanted to keep the bohemian aesthetic Indiebride London is known for and infuse it with the rustic beauty of prairie landscapes, the mystique of cowboy culture, the timeless elegance of vintage Western attire, and a touch of adventure and rebellion. In my imagination, in the heart of the wild prairie, where the rugged meets the romantic, a fearless bohemian vision had come to life.

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The magic of the details and materials

Picture flounce and frill details that echo the sway of prairie grass and laces with geometric patterns combined with lace trims, creating intricate details that add a touch of bohemian whimsy of women riding their horses in the prairie wind in their hair.

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In a world that yearns for authenticity, we embrace truly ethically sourced, sustainable materials, ensuring that each dress is not only an amazing piece of design but also a conscious choice. As a sustainable bridal wear brand, we chose to make our collection using British laces and silks and organic ramie, cotton, and bamboo. With this collection, we are also introducing a new material we are particularly excited about: eucalyptus! Our new fabrics, made entirely of eucalyptus, are woven with geometric patterns and elevated by a subtle sheen. They drape beautifully and create a divine movement in the flowy silhouettes. We find that these fabrics and materials are perfect to capture the essence of bohemian freedom on the prairie.

Made with you in mind

The Prairie Song collection was created for modern bohemian brides who wish to express their individuality through a wedding gown that mirrors their adventurous spirit and to celebrate love in the most authentic way possible. It resonates with brides who appreciate the beauty of both nature and skilled artisanship, as each gown, carefully crafted with love and intention, tells a story of the spirit of the Wild West and the bohemian soul dancing hand in hand to the song of the prairie.


- Miina -



Image credits

Photography: @alinaraducea

Makeup and hair: @joelizabethweddings

Model: @oliviahariett