Handmade wedding dress

Pros and cons of a second-hand wedding dress and a handmade wedding dress

Pros and cons of a second-hand wedding dress and a handmade wedding dress

As listed in our previous blog post (What can be considered a sustainable wedding dress?), there are many ways a wedding dress can be considered sustainable. As you know, if you want to make a sustainable choice for your bridal look, you can purchase a second hand wedding dress, whether it’s vintage or a newer one, or go with a handmade wedding dress. They are both sustainable choices, but what are the pros and cons of each? 


Lace wedding dress

Second-hand wedding dress (or a sample dress)

  • As the dress might be mass produced and made in China, Turkey, etc., you cannot be sure in which conditions it was made and by whom. 
  • The structure of a second-hand wedding dress might make altering it very difficult and time consuming, which will increase the alterations price, and often, you don’t know the final price of alterations until they’re done.
  • There is less freedom to change the style and fit once the dress is already made.
  • The dress might have stains, holes, or pulls that are impossible to remove, cover, or fix.

    • Not creating more stuff in the world, but taking advantage of what’s already there.
    • Wearing an old, vintage wedding dress is quite a special feeling.
    • Generally more affordable than a handmade wedding dress, even with the alterations, if they are not considerable.

Sustainable wedding dress

New, handmade wedding dress

  • Might create some waste if you don’t choose the brand well (there’s no fabric going to waste here at Indiebride London; everything is recycled).
  • Will consume some natural resources unless the fabric is upcycled.
  • Will be costlier than any of your dresses ever before.

  • No one was taken advantage of while making your dress.
  • You will support a small business and, in the best case, a sustainable business, which supports a greener future.
  • You can design your own wedding dress.
  • You can choose the materials and go with sustainable ones.
  • The dress is made for you, which makes the experience extra special and something to add to your wedding journey memories.
  • You will get a handmade wedding dress that fits you perfectly.
  • The process of having a dress made for you is a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Boho wedding dress

It goes without saying that we encourage brides to make a sustainable choice when it comes to their wedding dress, whether it's second-hand or new and handmade. Buying a second-hand wedding dress might reduce waste and cost less, but you will have fewer options to choose from and fewer options to change the style and fit.

But I can’t help but be a bit biased here. It’s a special feeling for me to get to make someone’s wedding dress. It truly is. And I just know that having your wedding dress made for you is such a unique experience for the brides, and they are so happy that they chose to do that. I can’t recommend it enough. In the modern world, your wedding tends to be the only opportunity to have a beautiful item of clothing made for you, and it’s well worth it!