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5 ways to prepare for your very first bridal appointment

5 ways to prepare for your very first bridal appointment

Trying on wedding dresses can be stressful, especially the first bridal appointment when you don’t quite know how it all works and what you should do. One thing that might set your mind at ease, is to know that here at Indie Bride, your appointment will be completely private. No strangers staring at you while you try on dresses in our showroom in a church attic. There will just be you and your guests there, as well as myself to assist you with putting on and changing the dresses if needed, answering your questions and recommending dresses that would suit your body and your wedding. Here are some additional suggestions for making the most of your initial bridal appointment.


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Budget and timing

Decide on a budget and stick to it. Don't forget to include accessories and alterations in your budget. Avoid trying on dresses that are out of your budget as this may cause heartbreak if you fall in love with a dress you can’t afford. Schedule your first bridal appointment around 10-12 months before your wedding to avoid last minute stress and rushed order fees.


Once you know your budget, do your research to make sure you visit the right bridal shops for you. Visit the website of the shop to find information about their practices. The factors you should specifically look for and take into account are their price range, the style of the dresses they stock and the turnaround time. If you can’t find this information online, call or email them. Don’t book an appointment at a shop that carries styles that are out of your budget or that has turnaround times that are too long for you (unless they offer rushed orders). 


Be prepared for the bridal sizing, which runs smaller than highstreet sizing. This might come as quite a surprise for some brides and even feel disheartening in some cases. Keep in mind that size truly is only a number that is required for communication between you and the store/brand regarding the appropriate size for you. Every single fashion brand on the planet, whether it be bridal or highstreet, has its own size chart, and sizing even varies between continents.


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Things to have with you

Then, when the day of the first bridal appointment finally comes, consider what to take with you and what to wear. Here are a few tips:

  • If possible, wear nude underwear. The closer to your own skin colour the lingerie is, the better.
  • If you have long hair, bring a hair tie or a clip or something else to tie your hair up with you. Even if you are planning on wearing your hair down, you might want to see the dresses with your hair up as well. Additionally it makes it easier to pin the dress on you if necessary.
  • Consider taking your favourite heels with you. Many bridal shops will have some heels for you to try on but the size and comfort are not guaranteed. The colour of the shoes doesn’t matter. Just make sure they are roughly the same height as the shoes you plan to wear for your wedding.
  • I would advise you to not wear heavy makeup. You'll be trying on a number of dresses and heavy makeup usually gets messed up and also stains the sample dresses.


bohemian bridal showroomTaking pictures

Be prepared that taking photos during your bridal appointment is most likely not permitted, especially if the sample dresses are not a nice fit for you. This is, in our instance at least, because we want you to remember how you felt wearing your favourite dresses. It would be a shame if you discounted a dress you loved wearing based on images of an ill-fitting sample dress. You are always welcome to come back to try on your favourite dresses again free of charge.


I hope these tips will help you feel at ease when you arrive at your initial bridal appointment. Us bridal consultants aim to make you feel comfortable when trying on our dresses so there’s no need to feel nervous. Just follow these steps and bring an open mind and you’ll love it! Choosing your wedding dress is a special part of your wedding journey and we can’t wait to be part of yours! 

You can email us your enquiries, or book an appointment here.