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4 tips to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your wedding dress

4 tips to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your wedding dress

Here are 4 things to take in consideration when shopping for your wedding dress to ensure you’ll choose one that makes you feel confident when you most need it: on your wedding day when having all eyes on you.


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Choose a wedding dress style that you know won't make you feel self-conscious

Just as important as looking stunning in your wedding dress is feeling comfortable in it. When you're wearing a comfortable wedding dress that allows you to enjoy your wedding day without feelings of discomfort and awkwardness, confidence shows through. If you’ve never worn a low-cut or a very fitted dress, your wedding day might not be the right time to try these styles, especially if you feel self-conscious when trying them on, no matter how gorgeous you look. Looking gorgeous is not enough when it comes to your wedding day. Find a dress that makes you feel both gorgeous AND comfortable.


Make sure you’re comfortable wearing the kind of bridal lingerie your wedding dress requires

There won't be any boning or cups in the dress if it has a soft structure, like Indiebride dresses have. This means that you need to have good bridal lingerie that complements the design of your wedding gown while also making you feel at ease. Sometimes special bridal lingerie, such as a one piece bodysuit, boob tape, or sticky bra, is required if, for instance, the back neckline of the dress is low.  Good bridal lingerie makes you feel safe and secure.


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Ensure that the dress allows you to enjoy your wedding day

Ceilidh, garden games, piñata… Make sure you feel at ease doing whatever activities you have planned for your wedding day while wearing your dress. Ideally, you want to forget that you’re wearing a wedding dress altogether and enjoy your day. Make sure you move around in the dress when trying it on to test the comfort of the materials and the style. If possible, have a meal before your appointment to see whether you would feel comfortable in the dress after your wedding meal. Try things you will do on your wedding day. Dance. Sit down. Yes, sit down in the dresses when you try them on. As crazy as it sounds, it’s not always a given that a dress is comfortable to sit in.


Go for a wedding dress style that you feel confident and beautiful in your current shape

I would advise against purchasing a dress that you think will look good after you have completed your intended weight loss. Even worse would be to buy a ready-made dress that is too small. You don’t need the additional pressure of having to lose weight in order to fit into your dress on your wedding day. You have other things to take into consideration both before and during the day. Choose a dress that you love right now. One that makes you love yourself the way you are in your current shape and size. 

Take this advice into consideration to avoid feeling awkward and self-conscious about your wedding dress. Instead of thinking back on how uncomfortable your wedding dress made you feel, you want to remember what a joyful and fantastic day your wedding day was. That is what comfort and confidence add to your wedding. We’re always just an email or Instagram message away, so if you have any questions, get in touch.