Wedding gown

Aline and Yves' folklore wedding in Norway

Lovely Aline flew all the way from Luxembourg to visit our showroom! After trying on a few dresses she chose our India dress and was one of the last few brides to have the India dress made in the original leaf pattern lace. She decided to go with the made-to-measure service and the dress fit her perfectly in the first fitting! I love her wedding style and the whole theme of their mystical wedding.

Congratulations Aline and Yves, I'm so happy for you two!


- Miina -




I looked for my dress for a long time. I searched online, visited a wedding fair, but was a little bit stressed about not finding what I had in my mind, minimalistic and natural. One day, I found the key phrase “vintage wedding dress“ which brought me closer. And then, tadaaa, I found Indiebride London. For the first time, I liked the style of the dresses displayed. I could identify myself with them … and then, I came across the India Dress. I fell in love… that was it. I even found some alternatives, like the Alexa Dress. That´s when I decided to book an appointment in London to try them on. It was so exciting.

So, we flew to London twice; I was joined by my mother Astrid and my best friend and “maid of honour“ Magali. The initial appointment was when I chose my dress and the second time we went for the first fitting of the dress. Miina made us feel very welcome and gave me plenty of information and advice. She made making decisions about the dress and accessories easy for me. Her showroom alone, located up in a small room in an old nice church, made the entire experience of trying on dresses  and making the decision so special.

For my shoes, Miina gave me some nice ideas. I went straight to my favorite local store, but it was a little bit more difficult, as the colours did not go with the colour of the belt I chose to go with the dress. So, I visited many shoe stores and googled a lot online. Finally, I found a shoemaker called Kulik. The shoes are handmade in an old traditional way and in small Polish factories. And they were perfect.

I don´t like using too much make-up and prefer being more natural. So I just used some mascara, lip gloss and my cover stick, all of which are organic products, not tested on animals. That’s important to me.

To find a hairdresser, I contacted some hairdressers in the area of Tromsø. When we travelled to Norway to prepare the wedding a few months before the event in February, I visited some of them. Finally, I found a really nice hairdresser from Finnsnes called “Apollo Frisör“. Veronica and Mari were just lovely and even agreed to come to Hamn I Senja to do my hair, as well as my husband’s hair and they styled some of the guests, too. We organised a spontaneous “pop-up” hairdresser salon at Hamn I Senja, the guests had their appointments and just popped in. Veronica and Mari arranged everything beautifully, they brought nice mirrors and decorated the “salon”. They were absolutely professional, creative and just lovely. The atmosphere was amazing, everybody was in a good and relaxed mood, looking forward to the ceremony and wedding party.

Very early, I decided to wear a floral wreath. We found a really professional and nice florist in Finnsnes, called Finnsnes Blomsteratelier. They were quick to understand my ideas and taste and made me some great suggestions. They accepted to do my floral wreath, as well as the flower decoration for the wedding. They did a great job. We communicated a lot via email, and everything went very well. They were just amazing.

Last but not least, and by coincidence, we found the best Goldsmith of Luxembourg: Stine Bülow, a nice Danish woman. “Stine Bülow designs are often inspired by the lore, landscapes and nature around her and her signature style is raw, pure and feminine”. And therefor, just perfect for us! We chose rings of rose-gold, a larger one for Yves and very thin one for me, designed in her very unique method and style. 



Yves, my husband is an architect. He likes it very minimalist. For him, it was very clear to wear all black. We went to Cologne, where he found what he was looking for. Yves wore a black suit and wore a black shirt, without a tie. In order to customize the suit of my future husband to my dress, Miina sent me a piece of cloth used in my belt. My mother stitched it in the front pocket. We wanted it to be in a very minimalist style, so that you can see only a small line of the cloth.



After our civil wedding at the municipality in Luxembourg City and a short aperitif at the lovely café, Renert, just in front of the registry office, all our guests stepped in a bus that drove us and our suitcases straight to the airport.

Widerøe, the Norwegian airline came for the first time to Luxembourg and flew us on a private flight straight to Tromsø, a really nice town in the North of Norway. The flight was just amazing, with an outstanding and friendly crew and a delicious catering.

The next day, after a very nice celebration at Mack's brewpub Ølhallen, the oldest pub in Tromsø, we took the Express-boat from Tromsø to Finnsnes. A chartered bus drove us through the beautiful nature of the island of Senja. After a few stops to admire the stunning scenery, we arrived at the venue of our wedding, at Hamn I Senja, a magical place on the island of Senja.

Hamn I Senja holiday resort is situated in an old fishing village from the 1880’s, beautifully renovated and/or rebuilt in 2008. The guests lived in cosy suites with a beautiful view of the harbour. The staff made us feel very welcome.

We had an aperitif outside at the lighthouse on the coast, by the ocean overlooking the incredible,midnight sunset with a panoramic view of the sky, the sea and the fjordand mountains.

The next day, together with the lovely staff of Hamn I Senja, we prepared the venue for our nature ceremony on the platform on the cliff of the fjord overlooking the ocean. We chose to celebrate on Friday, Freya´s day, recognized for the goddess of love and fertility to insure a long marriage. The atmosphere was so positive; everybody was on holiday and excited for the ceremony and the wedding party, which were prepared together with some of our friends.… and it was just amazing, magical!


The decoration was minimalistic, sober and natural. Hamn I Senja decorated the dinner and party room. The flowers were chosen and arranged by Finnsnes Blomsteratelier.

The wedding ceremony platform was decorated with white orchids, ivy and “Alchemilla xanthochlora“ (lady's mantle). We choose Ivy, because I simply love Ivy, remembering the nature, the woods. The choice of "Alchemilla xanthochlora" is because of their symbolic meaning. The flowers are dedicated to the Nordic Goddess Freya and were offered as a gift to Freya on weddings; as a symbol of protection, preservation and covering.

We lit a fire next to the wedding ceremony platform.

The decoration of the dining room was also very sober and natural, white and grey. We had some big silver candle holders standing in the room with white candles which created a warm atmosphere. On the tables, we used minimalistic vases with orchids and floating candles, as well as ivy.


The delicious food and cakes were entirely made by the chef of Hamn I Senja and his team. We chose delicious regional products with vegetarian and even vegan alternatives for our guests. Everybody was overwhelmed by the food and cakes, but also the friendly and professional service.


We chose to do the music ourselves. We made special playlists for the wedding ceremony, the dinner and the party. The ceremony was led by a lovely couple of very good friends: Guy Acker and his wife Claudine Jacoby. They themselves were married by a druid, and I was Claudine´s “maid of honor “. They take part and have a booth set up at several medieval markets in Luxembourg and surrounding regions, so they were very familiar with our ideas of having a non-religious and nature-based wedding ceremony. They did it so well. It was overwhelming. Family members read poems during the ceremony. After the hand-fasting ceremony, Yves and I read our wedding vow, the beautiful Celtic Wedding Vow by Morgan Llywelyn (marriage of equals). We will never forget this special moment.

At the ceremony, we chose the “Lovesong”, The Cure cover by Tori Amos as the opening song, where our guests spontaneously choose to form a guard of honor, while Yves waited for me at the platform by the sea. My brother was in charge of the music from the playlist at the beginning and the end. Catherine, a very good and long-term friend of ours played the electric guitar during the whole ceremony. She is a very talented artist and musician. Her music created a really special and warm atmosphere during the ceremony. At one moment, Tom, another very good friend and Yves’ best man and Catherine, performed one of our favourite songs together, “Saturnine” by The Gathering. We all got goosebumps.

Before the wedding, we asked our guests music requests to be played at the wedding party. These requests were integrated in the playlist. One of the barkeepers gave us feedback: “This was the weirdest playlist ever“. Indeed, our playlist varied from Gothic, metal, pop, rock, traditional Luxembourger and Norwegian songs, as well as funny songs. Everybody really enjoyed themselves, and we danced till very late. As it never got dark because of the midnight sun, the party continued outside in front of the harbour with beer, whisky and chips. To warm up, the last “survivors“ joined the bride and groom in the hot tub and enjoyed themselves until morning.


Our wedding photographer was Lena Sørensen from Finnsnes.


Our whole wedding was made of many very special individual moments spent with our lovely family and best friends during a short holiday for everybody at our favourite place on earth, surrounded by the magic of the ocean, the fjords and nature. Laura, my cousin summarised it in the poem she read during our ceremony: “Our life is made entirely of moments multiplied…“(by anonymous). 


These moments were magic and beautiful moments that Yves and I will never forget.


- Aline -