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Lara and Alex's laid-back wedding

Posted on March 05 2019


Looking at Lara and Alex’s wedding pictures it is obvious they had the most amazing day and lots of fun. We have been buying cakes from Lara over the years as she sells them near us at a Saturday farmers’ market next to Oval station and it was a treat to make her wedding dress. She chose the Aleena dress - a perfect mixture of elegant and bohemian styles. We made her a cape and a headdress as well. She also bought dresses for her flower girls and we made the tiniest and cutest little headband for the smallest one.



The dress and the look


Minna used to buy a brownie from me at the Saturday farmers market at Oval about 10 years ago! I always thought if I ever got married the dress would be made by you guys.

The process of buying my dress was just perfect, not anywhere near as stressful as I thought it might be. Miina was super helpful and obviously, as a designer and maker, has a good eye for things. It was one of my favourite parts of the wedding preparation - going to the studio, choosing the dress, and seeing it all come together.


wedding cape




Amy Goode of Kristina Gasperas came to my hotel room in Guildford on the morning of the wedding to transform me!


Tanya King, again of Kristina Gasperas, did my hair! Tanya and Amy were great, and we all had a lovely time that morning


wedding makeup


Beautiful lace and silk headband and a bespoke lace cape were made by Miina. It was a magical outfit, I loved it.

My shoes were red Swedish Hasbeens and star-based jewellery by another fellow market smallholder Mira of @mirasadijewels.


wedding headdress


flower girls


Groom’s outfit

Alex picked up his suit in Belfast, where his family are from. The company was a family-run S. D. Kells.


groom outfit



Gate Street Barn, Bramley, Surrey


wedding venue


wedding venue



Flowers were provided by our fellow farmers market stallholders Hugh and John of John Cullen GardensI wanted simple, rustic hand-tied bouquets for me and the bridesmaids, using seasonal flowers and leaves. The flower girls had dried rose petals to toss, again from Hugh and John in Lincolnshire.


wedding flowers

The food and the cake

Our food was amazing and from Jacaranda. Our friend had this caterer at her wedding. Loads of people commented on how good the food was and the service was brilliant - they made a tray of canapes just for me and Alex as it’s so easy to not eat your own food on your wedding day.

The cake was made by us as we are cake bakers! It was a two-tier spinach and red velvet cake with a caramel drip. I love Moomins so hence the cake topper!


wedding cake


wedding cake





We had the in house DJ later in the evening but before that the incredible Finn McAleer on the fiddle and his friend Eddie on mandolin. Eddie played me down the aisle with his version of Pachabel’s Canon in D and then along with Eddie they played Irish and Scottish traditional songs and jigs, and their own music. There was an impromptu ceilidh in the bar instigated by Alex’s family (the Irish side!), and another ceilidh later on in the dance room.




wedding ceilidh


wedding dance


wedding reception




The amazing Martin Beddall was our photographer and I couldn’t have been happier with his work that day.


wedding ceremony


wedding dog


wedding picture


 - Lara -





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