Six Ways to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

Six Ways to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

Photographed by Kiss in Light


At Indiebride London we completely understand the desire for a more sustainable life so why not incorporate those values into your wedding? These sustainable ideas are creative, fun and environmentally friendly! 


Photographed by Kiss in Light


Dried Flower Petal Confetti 


Confetti is such a fun thing to have at your wedding to scatter on tables or throw in celebration but what happens to all the tiny pieces of paper or plastic once the wedding is over? 

Tiny dried flower petals are a beautiful alternative that will add a level of elegance to your wedding feel. Flower petals are biodegradable, look beautiful and smell amazing! All around, the perfect alternative to traditional confetti!

Check out Camomile and Corn Flowers for beautiful dried flower confetti!


Digital Invitations


Save the dates AND invitations? That could be a lot of papers to send out, plus you have to make sure to get the addresses correct and all of this just adds to the stress. 

Have you ever thought about digital invitations? Sending out e-invites can be easier on you, the environment and even your guests! Received immediately and less hassle! 

A great way to share all the necessary information with your guests is to create a Facebook or social media page! Such an easy way to make sure everyone involved gets all the correct information about your wedding. 


Photographed by Kiss in Light


Seasonal and Local


Finalizing your menu? Looking for plants and flowers for decoration? Think about sourcing seasonal and local food and flowers. To reduce carbon emissions and support local small businesses, look for a local florist with seasonal flowers or a small business caterer to create the menu of your dreams!



Photographed by Kiss in Light


Hire Your Decor


Instead of worrying about setting up all the decor and what to do with it afterwards, look into renting it all! You can hire different companies that supply things like table wear and decor, yard games, flower walls or arches, alcohol carts and pretty much anything you can think of! 


Wedding Favors


Want to leave your guests with a little trinket or treat? Think ethically! Ideas such as lollipops, sweets, locally sourced candles or liquor, charity shop finds, succulent plants, or even a charity donation on behalf of your guests!


Sustainable Rings


Arguably the most important part of the ceremony! Your wedding rings can be sustainable and beautiful. Searching for locally sourced jewels or looking at a small business to handcraft your rings could save you money, create a unique and beautiful design, and be more sustainable. Another option is to get wooden or bamboo rings! There are lots of ways to get sustainable wedding rings and bands that are unique to you and your partner.