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6 reasons why brides have to purchase their wedding dress so much in advance

6 reasons why brides have to purchase their wedding dress so much in advance


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You’re engaged and have started planning your wedding. Among the other exciting decisions you need to make about your wedding and bridal look is ordering your wedding dress. But you have decided that you’ll go dress shopping a few months before the wedding, as other aspects of the wedding are more important. Think again! A wedding dress is not just another dress that you can pick from the rack and take home. Ensuring that you find the dress that you love and that it fits you perfectly takes time and usually involves several people, from a bridal consultant to an alterations specialist. Here are the main reasons why you need to purchase your wedding dress well in advance:


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 1. Production time

Excluding sample sale dresses and second-hand dresses, wedding dresses are usually made-to-order. This means that they are not made until an order is placed, and this process can take several months as the dress is constructed from scratch for the bride. The lead time depends on the brand you choose. Some brands require 9 months, while others, like Indiebride London, require only 4.5 months.


2. Customisation

If you wish to have your dress customised in some way, this might add to the production time as each required modification requires more attention to details and more labour. This again depends on the designer you choose.


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3. Fit alterations

Alterations to the fit of your dress are very important, as they determine how the dress not only looks on you but also how it feels to wear. Alterations require several fittings, usually spaced out over a few months. The time required for alterations depends on where you have them made and what time of year you’re getting married, as the summer season is always the busiest for bridal designers, boutiques, and alteration specialists. Unexpected changes in the bride's body size or shape during the few months the alterations take place can further extend the timeline.


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4. Availability

Bridal wear, like fashion in general, is seasonal. With new collections released once or twice a year, styles are often discontinued and become unavailable. The best way to make sure you’ll wear your dream dress on your wedding day is to place an order for it as soon as possible.


5. Shipping and delivery

If you place an order for a wedding dress that is made in another country, in addition to the production time, you need to take into account the shipping and delivery, which might take weeks due to potential customs clearance, logistical hiccups, and delays. You need your wedding dress to arrive well before your wedding day to leave plenty of time to have it altered to fit you perfectly.


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6. Peace of mind

Having plenty of time for this whole process to take place will bring great peace of mind. Ordering your dress well in advance allows you extra time to deal with any unexpected delays and problems that may arise, like additional fittings or delays in delivery. It also allows you to concentrate on other aspects of wedding planning while your dress is being made without having to stress about a crucial part of your wedding, your dress, not being finished on time.


We would recommend that you start looking for your dress 10-12 months before your wedding. This leaves you time to consider your options after visiting a few bridal boutiques, as well as having your dress made and fitted to you without the hassle and stress of a tight timeline. Finding your wedding dress and having it made and to fit you perfectly is a joyful and magical journey, and starting this journey 10-12 months before your wedding ensures a smooth and stress-free experience.


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